Circle W Farm


Owner Chip Waterer has created a science and technique backed cattle farm. He pays attention to every detail, no matter how minute, to ensure that the growing of his grass and grain fed cattle is near, if not, perfect. He’s created a kind of art with what he does. One conversation with him can be more enlightening than any chapter in a textbook. Chip is a friend and a mentor to us. It isn’t just beef. It is truly a way of life.

St. Bethany Fresh Farm

bethanyLocated in Pontotoc, MS, this is the largest hydroponic farm in Mississippi. Conscious of the environment and its delicacy, they adamantly utilize water conservation tactics at all times. We have the healthiest, most delicious tomatoes every day of the year and it is all thanks to these great people.

Native Son Farm

nativesonaboutIf it is in season, they have it. Specializing in the growth of organic fruits and vegetables, this farm provides only the most superb products. We are happy to be huge supporters and fans of this operation.

Memory Orchard

memoryThis is a beautiful establishment created, owned, and headed by Marian Fay Maloney of Tupelo, MS. It is the epitome of pure creativity and grace in the making of jams, baked goods, florals, fruits, and more. Not only do we get wonderful products from them, we also gain knowledge and inspiration.

Browns Dairy Farm

brownsSon of famous author, Larry Brown, Billy Ray is a man of many talents. From raising heritage pigs to producing the best milk in the country, his farm is a key element in our restaurant and what we do.

Zion Farms

zionHeaded by Ron Brandon, they specialize in an awesome practice known asĀ pasture poultry. As a result, we receive the best chickens around. These chickens are grown with no antibiotics or growth steroids. We’re proud to support this free-range farm.

Mayhew Tomato Farm


Located in Mayhew, Mississippi, they grow fruits and vegetablesĀ  exclusively for local buyers wishing to purchase true, locally raised farm products. Their land has been passed down through direct descendents dating all the way back to the 1880s. We receive assorted jams and jellies, and some of the best strawberries in the state from this genuinely family owned farm.

Beaverdam Farm


In 2010, Dustin Pinion and Ali Fratesi not only created a biologically diverse farm, but also a process that mimicks natural patterns to perserve the land for future generations. Here, they believe that healthy soils create healthy foods and in turn creates healthy communities. We love, support, and believe in every amazing thing that they do.

…and many, many more farms.